Missing Mountain Lion P-50 Found Alive & Released Back Into The Wild


On the heels of WAN’s report last week about the discovery of two young mountain lions in the Santa Monica Mountains, comes the fantastic news that another mountain lion, missing since the end of last year, was found alive!

According to a post on the California Department of Fish and Wildlife’s Facebook page, P-50 was spotted in a gardening center in Chatsworth, CA.


Safely tranquilized by officers, it was then discovered that the mountain lion was in fact, P-50 who had not been seen since his mother, P-39 was fatally struck by a car on the freeway in December 2016.

Sadly, one month later, his siblings, P-51 and P-52, met similar fates as their mother after being hit by separate cars on the dangerous freeway.

Los Angeles Daily News

At the time of P-39’s death, noted the post, “scientists believed that her seven-to eight-month-old kittens were old enough to hunt and survive on their own. Unfortunately, two of the three kittens were also later killed by vehicle strikes. The whereabouts of the third kitten, P50, was unknown until now.”

As per wildlife officials who reported to KTLA, a young and healthy P-50 had apparently been “hunting small mammals to survive and was in good shape.”

“Although it’s not entirely surprising, this story is a great example of the innate survival instinct that mountain lions possess,” explained Rebecca Barboza, a wildlife environmental scientist, to the local news outlet. ”Wild animals are adaptable and have an uncanny ability to survive in these types of situations.”

National Park Service

Eventually, after a physical examination, officers moved P-50 to more suitable habitat where “after waking up from the tranquilizer, he was able to safely walk away on his own.”

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