Breaking! Nearly 40 Abandoned Easter Rabbits Saved During Remarkable Rescue By Teens In Indiana

Some of the rescued rabbits that are now at Erin’s Farm. Photo by Kate Wilke, The Northwest Indiana Times

A group of compassionate teenagers are being recognized for saving the lives of 37 rabbits that were abandoned in the woods in Portage, Indiana; most-likely by an unscrupulous backyard breeder who tried to profit from the innocent animals prior to Easter weekend.

As per the Northwest Indiana Times, 18-year-old Johnny Frazier, who was among those that rescued the rabbits, described the event that unfolded Thursday evening when he and his buddies spotted the displaced animals that “seemed to be use to being around humans.”

The responsible teen explained that he had reached out to the Portage Police Department, Portage Animal Control, and The Hobart Humane Society, for help. Sadly, no organization stepped forward, only one stated that “they couldn’t take in the multitude of rabbits.

The young men realized that they were the rabbits only chance for survival, they gathered the majority of the animals and temporarily relocated them to Frazier’s grandfather’s home.

Erin’s Farm, a Hobart-based nonprofit animal rescue and sanctuary, was among those that subsequently helped with the remarkable rescue efforts.

“None of the rabbits are fixed, so we are assuming all females are pregnant,” stated a post on the organization’s Facebook page, further sharing that no animal or rabbit shelters would take these suffering animals that had clearly been neglected before being dumped. “My fear is that these are backyard breeder rabbits, bred to sell their babies in stores for Easter. These are not all young rabbits, but many adults who most likely were “spent” and not producing.”

Just Heartbreaking!

Erin’s Farm also shared its appreciation for the group of local “good samaritans and rescuers that caught all of the rabbits, networked homes for them, and went back out in the dark trying to catch the rest.”

After donating rabbit cages and supplies, Erin’s Farm took six of the rabbits to its sanctuary, who will be available for adoption after 30 days, once they are cleared by veterinarians.

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