Breaking! New Report Confirms Why Live Exports Should Be Banned; Prompts Order To Overhaul Australia’s Department Of Agriculture

A scathing review into the failures of the Department of Agriculture in Australia to properly regulate the live export industry confirms why the trade must end.

The review completed by public sector integrity expert Philip Moss has in eye-opening detail, reiterated what Animals Australia has claimed over the past 15 years, as the primary watchdog of this industry.

“The Department has been completely out of its depth in trying to regulate these companies,” said Chief Investigator Lyn White, who further blamed a cultural acceptance of the industry, and its cruelty, and a blatant disregard for the law,” Chief Investigator Lyn White said in a statement today. “Terrible abuse and blatant regulatory breaches have been dismissed and ignored.”

As per the Sydney Morning Herald, Agriculture Minister David Littleproud ordered a complete overhaul of his department in response to the review, which concluded there was a reluctance to police the industry, animal welfare standards had not been backed by science, and public servants were unprepared and unskilled.

“While it’s somewhat of a relief to have the truth on the public record, the great tragedy is the number of animals who have suffered extreme and prolonged abuse at the hands of this industry,” continued White. “We must never forget that exporters have been prepared to supply animals to face tendon slashing, eye stabbing, sledgehammering and mass suffering, and deaths from heat stroke on ships.”

As previously reported by WAN, Animals Australia appeared in the first hearing of its landmark application in the Federal Court of Australia to challenge the legality of a live sheep export permit on June 14th.

The challenge followed the release of shocking footage taken from an Emanuel Exports shipment of 58,000 sheep that departed Fremantle for the Middle East on the live export vessel, the Al Messilah.

“The politicians who have given blind support to this trade are equally responsible,” continued White who explained that this was the third of three damning independent reviews into the live export trade over the past 15 years. “There is not a single valid justification for this industry being allowed to continue. It does not deserve to exist, it does not need to exist, and the vast majority of Australians want it to end.”

“As long as live exports continue, animals will suffer,” Animals Australia posted on its Twitter account, along with a call to action to sign HERE! to #EndLiveExport!

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