Breaking News! More Than 100 Goats & Other Animals Removed From Property In Indiana

The Star Press

An estimated 100 goats were among the animals that were removed from a Daleville, Indiana property over the last few days. The animals were surrendered to Muncie Animal Care and Services (MACS) following an animal welfare investigation.

According to The Star Press, by the end of the day, yesterday officials had removed 50 goats, five or six calves, two horses and one pig. Approximately 20 more goats are believed to still be on the 38-acre property.

The Star Press

Fortunately, it was reported late yesterday that the goats might already have a new home in Winchester with a farmer who wants to take them in as pets, not as working livestock.

“It is overwhelming,” Phil Peckinpaugh, the director of MACS, who explained that many of the animals were emaciated and, sadly, a minimum of 20 dead animals were also found when talking with Fox59.

“I think he probably started the best intentions just like what people do. It just really got of hand,” continued Peckinpaugh who confirmed that the shelter was ready to enact an official seizure of the animals had the property owner failed to cooperate with the authorities.

“It’s just a guy that got in way over his head, and we are here to help,” he echoed in the Star Press.

The Star Press

The director of the shelter had been ready to enact a seizure of the animals had the property owner refused to cooperate with the authorities.

As of now, no charges have been filed against the owner.

Volunteer opportunities with MACS are available Here!

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