Breaking News! 3 Arrested After Animal Recovery Mission’s Latest Undercover Investigation Of The Horror Cows Endured At McArthur Dairy

As a part of its factory farm initiative, Animal Recovery Mission (ARM) conducted its third undercover investigation regarding the mistreatment and abuse of cows at dairy farms.

Randomly selected, an ARM operative was hired to conduct multiple jobs upon the McArthur Dairy farm which is located in Okeechobee, FL, close to the Burnham and Larson farms which the organization previously exposed through similar undercover investigations.

Three workers at McArthur Diary have been arrested for animal cruelty as a result of ARM’s recorded undercover videos of the abuse inflicted on cows.

ARM’s video shows dairy cows being tormented, beaten, and chased down with PVC piping and other homemade tools. ARM said one of the tools included a knife attached to the end of a PVC pipe that was thrust into the side of the cows.

The three workers were arrested due to what witnesses told law enforcement was captured in ARM’s harrowing undercover videos.

Mario Hernandez, an assistant supervisor, was reportedly the perpetrator seen hitting a cow in the face with a sharpened PVC pipe.


Fernando Lopez, a caretaker, is allegedly the person poking a cow with a PVC pipe, hitting an udder with a pipe, and breaking a cow’s tail.


Gilberto Dorante – Garcia is thought to be the man horrifically holding a flame to a cow’s face and hitting an udder with PVC pipe.


These undercover operations took place during August and October of 2017.

McArthur Dairy is owned and controlled by corporate giant Dean Foods, which stands as one of the most expansive dairy farms in the state of Florida and is the most recognized brands of milk products. Dean Foods is the largest dairy producer in the United States and the second largest dairy producer in the world.

Throughout this investigation, ARM Investigators utilized video surveillance equipment to capture and document a multitude of both inhumane and criminal acts involving animal cruelty.

The new undercover video documented severe and painful-to-watch animal cruelty and crimes including: Cows contained in overcrowded and filthy barns; Animals overheating and showing severe signs of distress and open mouth breathing; Cows tormented and beaten all over their bodies with PVC pipes and homemade ‘shank’ type instruments; Flame torches burning the hair off of the udders of the cows who, restrained in headlocks, were unable to escape the severe pain.


Downer cows’ who were too sick or weak to move were often injected with an unknown substance before being picked up with front loader machines or by utilizing hip clamps.


On other occasions, the sick or weak cows were shot in the head utilizing a rifle. Cows were also taunted with electrical prodders as they were dying.


At the McArthur Dairy birthing barn, pregnant cows close to term, have their calves pulled out by a mechanical extraction device before the cow is fully dilated. During this process, employees were also observed utilizing an electric prodder on the cows attempting to give birth. This was done under the direction of a manager.

Calves that were found to be born in the fields were immediately separated from the mothers. The cows would scream for the babies as employees violently threw the newborns into trailers where they then confined them to the dilapidated calf areas.

How does this keep happening when there is so much graphic proof of the horrendously inhumane ways innocent cows are treated?


This is barbaric and heartbreaking and has to stop!

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