Breaking News! 870 Bear Paws & Tiger Parts Seized By Russian Officials At Chinese Border; Suspects Detained

Several people were apprehended today in Russia on suspicion of smuggling parts of endangered Siberian tigers, brown bears and other endangered species.

According to a statement from the Amursky Tiger (Amur Tiger) Cente, customs officers reportedly discovered the haul that included a staggering 870 brown-bear paws, as well as the bones and skins of four Siberian tigers, while searching three vehicles that had illegally attempted to cross a frozen lake separating Russia from China.

The seizure also included parts of frogs, Manchurian wapitis and sika deer.

According to RadioFreEurope RadioLiberty news network, the center’s director, Sergei Aramilev, stated that “one of the largest routes of illegal transportation of endangered animal parts to China had been uncovered.

As per the report, the news follows the seizure of 27 bear paws found 11 days ago by officials in Zabaikalye, another region that borders China.

As often reported by WAN, parts of bears, Siberian tigers, and other rare animals are heralded in China for their perceived, yet not scientifically proven, medicinal purpose that is driving many endangered species to extinction.

The latest incidents occurred despite the fact that the sale of these animal parts is illegal.

Sadly, there are less than 500 Amur tigers left in southwest Primorye Province in the Russian Far East.

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