Breaking News! A Bengal Tiger Cub & A Black Jaguar Cub Rescued At Tijuana International Airport

A Bengal tiger and a black jaguar cub were seized yesterday at the Tijuana International Airport near the U.S.-Mexico border.

According to NBC News in San Diego, federal police in Mexico released a bulletin explaining that the cubs were each found inside a wooden box at the airport.

The boxes were opened as part of an operation designed to find packages that contain illegal drugs and other items suspected of being trafficked.

There was no documentation with the boxes, leaving the cubs final destination unclear.

It is illegal to transport the animals under the country’s general wildlife law.

Both cubs are safe and in custody but it is not known where the cubs will ultimately be taken.

In August of last year, a tiger cub was also seized from a car at the border by Customs and Border Protection officers.

That cub, named Moka, is now housed at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park.

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