Breaking News! Burberry Announces The End To Using Real Fur On The First Day Of Fashion Week In New York!


Another prominent luxury brand has made the compassionate decision to stop using real fur in its products.

British fashion house Burberry made the announcement today, which is the first day of Fashion Week in New York. The company stated that there will be no real fur in Riccardo Tisci’s debut collection later this month, and that it will phase out existing real fur products.

According to the company, the use of real fur by Burberry has been restricted for many years to rabbit, fox, mink and Asiatic racoon. Going forward, these and Angora will be banned.

“Modern luxury means being socially and environmentally responsible. This belief is core to us at Burberry and key to our long-term success,” Marco Gobbetti, Chief Executive Officer, said in a statement which also shared that Burberry will immediately stop the practice of destroying unsaleable products.

Inflicting cruelty on animals for fashion is deplorable, but tragically, more than 100 million animals die for their fur each year.

As noted on #FurFreeBritain campaign’s website, while the UK banned fur farming, calling it ‘unethical’ in 2000, recognizing that keeping wild animals in tiny cages can never be humane, fur is being outsourced overseas, causing suffering to millions of animals. More than two-thirds of the British public rejects this double-standard and supports a fur import and sales ban.

Burberry also noted that it had gone into partnership with sustainable luxury company Elvis & Kresse to transform 120 tons of leather offcuts into new products over the next five years.

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