Three Endangered Florida Key Deer Found Bound In Car, One Euthanized & Suspects Arrested


In what is becoming an increasingly tragic trend of humans wanting to take selfies with wild and endangered animals, two men were arrested last weekend in Florida after deputies discovered three Florida Key deer bloodied and bound in the back seat and trunk of a car.

Sadly, as per the Associated Press, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission spokesperson Robert Dube has confirmed that one of the endangered deer had to be euthanized yesterday because of a severe leg injury.

Miami Herald

The driver of the vehicle 18-year-old Erik Damas Acosta, who was initially pulled over for a broken tail light, explained to the officers that he had wanted to take selfies with the federally protected animals, according to an article in the Miami Herald.

Florida Fish and wildlife officer Clayton Wagner claimed in the arrest warrants that the traumatized deer had wounds all over their bodies and were struggling to escape from the twine. Further, he reported that the interior of the car was covered in deer’s blood and hair.

Miami Herald

The only positive from the highly unsettling report was that the deer, injured but still alive, were released back into the wild where there are only an estimated 600 to 800 left in existence.

While Acosta claimed that his friend 23-year-old Tumani Younge, who was also in the car, had no involvement with the apprehension of the deer, Younge’s arrest affidavit stated that he refused to speak with law enforcement officials.

Acosta and Younge were charged with three felony counts of wounding a protected species, three misdemeanor counts of taking dear out of season, three counts of animal cruelty and three counts of illegal possession of Key deer.

Each of the alleged perpetrators faces up to five years in prison and fines of $5000.00.The incident follows last week’s appalling Instagram of a young man catching a shark with his bare hands in a Washington park and a host of similarly cruel and reckless occurrences caught on tape that transpired over spring break including that of another man “shotgunning” beer on the mouth of a shark, after using its teeth as a can opener.

Unfathomably, stories such as this are becoming commonplace as people strive for the next selfish selfie, putting innocent animals, themselves and others at risk.

WAN prays people end this foolishness before any more lives are hurt or lost, animal or human.

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