Breaking News; Four Captive Dolphins Die In Taiji, Japan, This Past Weekend As A Result Of Human Ignorance At The Hands Of Typhoon Trami

Photo are from The Dolphin Project

Tragic news from Taiji, Japan, as WAN learned that four dolphins that were owned by the Taiji Whale Museum have died in Typhoon Trami which ripped through the area on Sunday.

As noted on Ric O’Barry’s The Dolphin Project’s Facebook page, the dolphins were being held in the sea pens of Moriura bay. One of the captive animals, according to Japanese news agency Asahi Shimbun, died after mud and runoff from the torrential downpour on Saturday caused it to panic before succumbing to respiratory failure. The three other dolphins are reported to have died from unspecified injuries.

As previously reported, Dolphin Project Cove Monitors checked on the dolphins prior to the typhoon. At that time, all of the mammals were accounted for. However, the organization explained, due to safety concerns, they were unable to check again during the storm.

Photos taken at Dolphin Base, another captive facility in the bay, reveal that all the captives would have been subjected to horrific conditions including high winds, torrential rains, and rough muddy waters, along with extensive floating debris.

This is so unfair and another monumental example of why wild animals do not belong in captivity.

“In the wild, dolphins are adept at handling severe weather. In captivity, they are confined to small sea pens, which act like a washing machine during storms,” explained Tim Burns with The Dolphin Project. “In this case, tragically, the debris and dirty water were fatal for these dolphins. They had no chance of escape.”

This tragic and unnecessary loss of life took place in Taiji, where the deplorable mass slaughter of dolphins occurs each year during planned dolphin drive hunts.

These brutal hunts are documented by The Dolphin Project’s team of Cove Monitors each season, and shared with the international public so that attention may be drawn to this outdated and unnecessarily cruel practice.

Many ways to help stop this travesty from happening are available HERE!

A pledge NOT to buy a ticket to a dolphin show is one of the action items on the list. Join the likes of Pamela Anderson and Maisie Williams by signing the pledge HERE!

The Dolphin Project also encourages people to contact authorities to help urge them to put an end to this senseless slaughter once and for all!

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