Breaking News! Hundreds Of Animal Activists Participate In Anti-Bullfighting Demonstration In Pamplona, Spain

Footage by RUPTLY 

Hundreds of impassioned animal activists in Pamplona, Spain took to the streets today in a highly-visual protest against bullfighting that included activists who went topless opening tubes of bright red fake blood to prove a point that the horrific blood sport of bullfighting needs to come to an end!

The strategically timed demonstration took place prior to next week’s opening of the annual Pamplona’s San Fermin festival which hosts the extremely dangerous and controversial “running with the bulls.”

Organized by PETA, which has held similar protests in the past, the demonstrators gathered in the center of the city as they shocked on-lookers and media with powerful images and statements; some that said “Stop Bullfighting” and “Stop The Bloody Bullfight” painted in black on their chests.

According to IBT, thousands of visitors descend on the city each year to watch people risking their lives as they run with the bulls en route to the bullring.

Once in the ring the animals are taunted, tormented and stabbed by matadors bearing daggers and harpoon-like “banderilhas” before having their spinal cords cut by an executioner leaving them to die a brutal, agonizing and senseless death.


“Bullfighting has no place in a civilized society,” PETA director Elisa Allen said in the article. “We’re urging Pamplona to join the more than 100 Spanish cities and towns that have banned the bloodied spectacle.”

Sadly, Catalonia’s ban on bullfighting was overruled last year by Spain’s highest court which cited that “the tradition was part of Spain’s cultural heritage.”

Last year an article published by the BBC revealed that government figures estimated that only 9.5% of Spaniards attended a bullfighting event in 2015.

It also noted that during the same year the number of bullfights fell significantly from 3,651 to 1,736.

May the numbers continue to fall to zero as quickly as possible.

WAN & Peace 4 Animals is among the many organizations including the millions of animal advocates around the world who are adamantly against the cruel and barbaric practice of bullfighting. We urge people to stay away from any events or so-called sports that exploit animals for entertainment.

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