Breaking News! London Fashion Week Makes History By Going Fur-Free This Year

Another significant step on the road to the fashion industry becoming fur-free was announced today by the British Fashion Council (BFC).

London has become the first of the main fashion weeks to ditch animal fur in its shows after the BFC shared in a statement that none of the designers participating on the official schedule would be using it.

The BFC survey of participating designers not using fur reflects “a cultural change based on ideals and choices made by designer businesses, international brands as well as consumer sentiment.”

Last year, more than 250 anti-fur protesters demonstrated at the event, growing from 25 in 2016.

“The BFC supports the creativity of designers and keeps an open dialogue with the industry, from designers to media, retailers, business leaders, government and global brands while encouraging designers to make ethical choices when it comes to their selection of materials and supply chain,” the organization said in the statement.

The survey is a part of the BFC’s positive fashion initiative, designed to encourage designers and businesses to consider sustainability, equality and diversity, and craftsmanship and community in their processes.

As WAN reported yesterday, Burberry is the latest luxury fashion brand to ban the use of real fur on its products. The British fashion house joins a growing list of compassionate and forward-thinking brands such as Stella McCartney, Gucci, Versace, and Vivienne Westwood, that opt for alternatives to fur.

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