BREAKING NEWS! Miami-Dade Will Vote This Week Whether To End Their Pitbull Ban


BREAKING NEWS! Miami-Dade County Commisioners will vote this week to decide whether to end the ban of pitbull s in Miami.

We need your help to e-mail all of the County Commissioners to ask them to End BSL in Miami-Dade and allow Pitbulls in Miami again.

This 20 plus year Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) has caused the death of thousands of innocent pit bulls at the Miami-Dade Shelter.

If the commissioners hear from enough people they may overturn the pitbull ban.

Please contact the district officials below and tell them that it’s time to end BSL in Miami-Dade.

Thank you!

District 1 – Barbara Jordan

District 2 – Jean Monestime

District 3 – Audrey Edmonson

District 4 – Sally Heyman

District 5 – Bruno Barreiro

District 6 – Rebeca Sosa

District 7 – Xavier L. Suarez

District 8 – Daniella Levine Cava

District 9 – Dennis C. Moss

District 10 – Javier D. Souto

District 11 – Juan C. Zapata

District 12 – José “Pepe” Diaz

District 13 – Esteban Bovo Jr.

Source: Urgent Dogs Of Miami

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