BREAKING: The NRA Just Convinced Congress Today To Legalize Killing Bear Cubs & Their Mothers In Wildlife Refuges

A very tragic decision was made today by The U.S. House of Representatives. The House voted to overturn the Obama administration’s ‘Fair Chase’ rule. They were persuaded by the NRA who was backed by the notorious hunting organization, Safari Club International, to vote to legalize the killing of black bear mothers and their cubs while they are essentially resting, sleeping, eating or hibernating in their dens. This would be legal in Alaska’s national wildlife refuges where they are supposed to be protected.

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Many prominent animal welfare groups opposed the legislation and there will for sure be a backlash as a result of the heartless decision put forth by the U.S. House Of Representatives, and the ego driven hunters who are a part of the NRA.

The vote today overturned a ‘Fair Chase’ rule. Which was developed to stem public criticism of hunters. They include banning the use of vehicles and radios; electronic calling; and shooting in a fenced enclosure. Many states have made the rules into law. They also limit trapping, baiting and the use of airplanes to track and kill wolves and bears in Alaska.

In 2016, The Obama administration banned sport hunting of bears and wolves on federal lands in Alaska’s outback in an effort to stop what it calls the unethical practices of the state’s game board.

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The practices are those that Palin, former Alaska governor, was in support of were about “maintaining” the caribou and moose herds that rural Alaskans depend on as a food source. She was criticized by conservation groups and Democrats for supporting the hunting and shooting of wolves from helicopters.

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“Alaska’s extreme predator control policies lack scientific support, contravene conservation mandates on national wildlife refuges and defy traditional wildlife management principles,” said Jenny Keatinge, federal lands policy analyst with Defenders of Wildlife. “H.J. Res. 69 would cede federal management of iconic wildlife to the state’s misguided program on over 76 million acres of national wildlife refuges that belong to all Americans.”

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