Ontario SPCA Launches ‘Change For Animals’ Campaign To Help Strengthen Laws For Animal Welfare

The Ontario SPCA and Humane Society has launched an advocacy campaign encouraging members of the public to get involved in helping to shape the future of provincial animal welfare legislation.

The move follows the January 2019 decision by a Supreme Court judge that ruled that the current animal welfare legislation in Ontario, Canada, was unconstitutional. The legislation has to be rewritten. Now is the time for change.

Through Change for Animals, the Ontario SPCA’s new advocacy campaign, everyone can become a champion for animals by completing a short survey to share their thoughts on what the future of animal welfare in Ontario should look like.

The Ontario SPCA has established a task force to develop ‎new provincial animal welfare legislation that reflects the need for both greater protection and social justice for animals. This work will set the stage for new legislation, including stronger regulations prohibiting the use of animals in entertainment, providing for the protection of pets and farm animals, and establishing their status as sentient beings under the law.

“Now is the time for change, and our new Change for Animals campaign is a reflection of our commitment to make animal welfare a priority,” Jennifer Bluhm, Deputy Chief Inspector of Ontario SPCA, said in a statement. “We can’t change the future of animal welfare alone, but together we can be a powerful voice for animals.”

The Change for Animals Campaign through the Ontario SPCA is also encouraging people to contact their local MPP to let them know animal welfare must be a priority. A list of MPP’s is available HERE!

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