Breaking! SeaWorld Entertainment’s CEO Joel Manby Exits As Attendance & Earnings Continue To Plummet

Photo by Alejandro Tamayo, San Diego Union-Tribune

SeaWorld Entertainment Inc. announced today that current President and Chief Executive Officer, Joel Manby, is exiting the company as part of a leadership transition plan.

SeaWorld and Manby have remained a point of contention for animal advocates who have remained committed to fighting against the unnatural confinement and breeding of orcas as well as their exploitation for entertainment purposes.

According to an official statement released by SeaWorld, under the plan, current Chief Parks Operations Officer, John T. Reilly, has become interim CEO succeeding Manby.

The change was announced on the same day that the company released its disappointing fourth-quarter earnings figure.

As noted in the Orlando Sentinel, attendance for the entire 2017 dropped to 20.8 million, down 5.5 percent year-over-year while SeaWorld’s total revenues fell to $1.26 billion, a 6 percent drop from the prior year.

“SeaWorld is underwater: It has just reported losing 1.2 million visitors last year, its CEO has left, and it’s facing a class-action lawsuit by investors and a consumer-protection lawsuit by visitors, as well as a criminal fraud investigation,” PETA Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman said in a statement. “The company tries to ignore mounting public pressure to change its ways, while its earnings plummet and the miserable animals in its custody: including Malia, a 10-year-old orca showing signs of infection, which recently killed her sister Unna; her father, Tilikum; and the matriarch orca Kasatka, remain trapped in tiny tanks.”

As per PETA, the organization has filed a resolution for SeaWorld to end all its breeding programs and has offered the “abusement” park a way to boost its dismal numbers: “start working to release the orcas into seaside sanctuaries and stop imprisoning animals altogether.”

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