Breaking! Sides Of A Horn Executive Producer Richard Branson Announces Global Release Of Powerful Short Film About The 2 Sides Of South Africa’s Poaching War

WAN is an advocate for the powerful short film Sides of a Horn written and directed by Toby Wosskow. We are thrilled to share the news that you can now watch this important documentary today during its global release on social media platforms including InstagramTwitter, and LinkedIn.

As previously reported by WAN, Sides of a Horn is the first to tell the story about how the poaching war in South Africa is tearing communities apart and threatening the survival of the last rhinos on earth, which at current poaching rates are only 10 years away from extinction in the wild.

Filmmaker Toby Wosskow is the brilliant mind behind this critical film along with Executive Producer Sir. Richard Branson who describes it as “poignant and powerful.”

Branson announced the global release on his social media outlets today. “Watch the short film now and join the conversation #sidesofahorn @sidesofahorn,” Branson commented on Instagram, along with a video message about the film and its substantial importance.

During the video, Branson explains how sad it is to watch the rhino species disappear.

“But, this is a problem caused by humans and it is up to us to fix it,” Branson stated.

The multi-layered story is told from the unique perspectives of the people on the ground fighting rhino horn poaching. Sides of a Horn, as per Branson, is about trying to understand why the poachers poach and why their relatives are out there to catch the poachers.

“From this understanding,” noted Branson, “we may become better equipped in dealing with the problem.”

WAN’s exclusive with Toby Wosskow from earlier this year can be found HERE!

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