Breaking! Simon Cowell Helps Humane Society International Rescue More Than 200 Dogs From South Korean Dog Meat Farm

Simon Cowell with two of his three dogs, Squiddly and Diddly. Photo from PA Images.

As the fight to end the horrific dog meat trade continues, plans are currently underway to rescue more than 200 dogs from a South Korean dog meat farm where they are inhumanely confined in small filthy cages.

“Thanks to your generous support, rescue preparations are now underway to save more than 200 dogs from a life of pain and misery on a South Korean dog meat farm,” Humane Society International (HSI) posted on its Facebook page yesterday. “Our Animal Rescue Team is gearing up to leave next week but we still need your help! Please, donate to advance our rescue efforts and support our lifesaving work for animals worldwide.”

According to Metro, Simon Cowell is among the people who already contributed to help save the innocent animals from their death sentence on the dog meat “farm.”

The reality television judge and producer, who also has a special place in his heart for dogs, and is the proud human father of three yorkies named Squiddly, Diddly, and Freddie, reportedly donated a generous £25,000.

Humane Society International shared that the owner of the dog meat farm in which the organization discovered on September 10th has signed a contract to relinquish ownership of their dogs.

As per a September 25th update on their donation page, HSI shared that approximately 120 of the rescued animals will be sent to a temporary facility in Canada, with the rest traveling to the United States, the UK, and the Netherlands, where they will be available for adoption.

Humane Society International, which has permanently closed down 12 dog meat farms and saved an estimated 1,400 dogs, also made note that South Korea is the only country where dogs are routinely and intensively farmed for human consumption.

In its efforts to help end the horrific dog meat trade, HSI is among the leading organizations that work to raise global awareness of the suffering involved in illegal dog theft, transport, and slaughter. As per the organization’s website, this includes working with dog meat farmers in South Korea to transition them to more humane ways to make a living.

Tragically, millions of dogs are victims of Asia’s dog meat trade each year. This Needs To END!

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