Breaking! Singer-Songwriter Ellie Goulding Uses Her Voice For Good As UN’s Newly-Appointed Environmental Global Goodwill Ambassador

Photo by Chris Jackson / Getty Images

British singer-songwriter Ellie Goulding officially signed on last Friday as a Global Goodwill Ambassador for UN Environment, joining the fight to save the lives and habitats of people and animals by cleaning up our air and seas, fighting climate change and protecting species.

“It’s a huge honor to become a UN Environment Global Goodwill Ambassador,” Goulding said in an official statement from the organization. “Yes, we face huge global challenges, but we are also taking game-changing steps forward and that should inspire us.”

Goulding further explained that her “focus will be on amplifying the activism of young people committed to creating a bright future” noting that she wants “as many people as possible to become advocates for the planet.”

According to the organization, Ellie, 30, took up her new role in Kenya, surrounded by giraffes at the Giraffe Manor in the suburbs of Nairobi, where UN Environment has its headquarters.

She later traveled to the iconic Maasai Mara to learn more about the threats facing wildlife due to habitat loss, and to see the traditional cooking methods that are responsible for millions of deaths every year in low-income countries.

Poor air quality, and pollution of all forms were also high on the agenda of the UN Environment Assembly, which Ellie attended today in Nairobi.

Overall, environmental degradation causes nearly one in four deaths worldwide, or 12.6 million people per year, and the widespread destruction of ecosystems. Air pollution, which is the single biggest environmental killer, claims 6.5 million lives each year.

UN Environment’s global campaign, Breathe Life, is tackling air quality; over 100 cities and 4 countries are expected to join during the meeting with the goal of creating clean air in cities by 2030.

Goulding is also backing UN Environment’s #CleanSeas campaign. Each year, at least 8 million tons of plastic end up in the oceans, the equivalent of one dump truck a minute, harming marine species and making its way into our food chain, with plastic now found in salt and shellfish.

Already, 37 governments have joined the Clean Seas campaign, with the UK, EU, France, Indonesia, Kenya and Canada all on board. The UN Environment Assembly will see further action on this issue, with new commitments for national and regional plans to monitor the amount of plastic going into the sea and plans to start cutting pollution in the coming years.

“I am so eager to learn more about these urgent issues and how we can each do our part to make the planet a safe and healthy place for all its creatures, human and animal. Joining these important UN campaigns is a great first step,” said Goulding who shared that she looks forward to taking this journey with her fans.

“Today’s young people make up the single largest generation that the world has ever seen, and when given opportunities and support, they can be powerful catalysts for change,” said UN Environment head Erik Solheim. “Ellie is a powerful new environmental advocate, who I know truly connects with and inspires youth around the world. This is critical for making change happen. Together, we can do amazing things.”

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