Breaking! Six Chimpanzees Rescued From Biomedical Research Arrive Safely At Chimp Haven In Louisiana


Six chimpanzees arrived safely at their new home at Chimp Haven, continuing the steady effort to retire hundreds of chimpanzees formerly used in biomedical research programs to sanctuary at the 200-acre Louisiana refuge.

“It’s very exciting to begin the year welcoming another group of chimpanzees into our Chimp Haven family,” said Rana Smith, President and Chief Executive Officer of Chimp Haven. “The new arrivals bring us one step closer to our goal of transitioning as many chimpanzees as possible from research facilities to sanctuary.”

The newest retirees – four females and two males – kick off what promises to be an exciting year of growth at Chimp Haven. After welcoming 42 chimpanzees to the sanctuary in 2018, and with our newest residents, Chimp Haven is now home to more than 270 chimpanzees – the largest sanctuary of its kind in the world. Chimp Haven is poised to welcome even more chimps as it diligently works to complete a $20 million dollar expansion project to develop more habitats and veterinary care facilities to accommodate the many chimpanzees still living in research facilities awaiting sanctuary retirement.

Chimp Haven is a private non-profit sanctuary. They provide chimpanzees an environment where they can live the rest of their lives in peace. We invite you to be a part of this historic effort by donating to Chimp Haven HERE!

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