Breaking! Tiger Rescued From Abandoned House In Houston Is Transferred To Wildlife Sanctuary In Texas

Photos from Lara Cottingham

When a large tiger is found in an abandoned house inside a small cage, it is anything but business as usual for everyone involved in the case that is currently unfolding in Houston, Texas.

WAN talked with Lara Cottingham, chief of staff of Houston’s Administration and Regulatory Affairs Department this morning about the situation. While some information is still being withheld because the case is under investigation, WAN was able to confirm that the rescued tiger, now named Tyson, is being relocated to a wildlife sanctuary in Texas.

“It’s a special day,” a relieved Cottingham told WAN, further explaining that she and a team spent the better part of yesterday trying to figure out what to do with the captive tiger and where it would go once they rescued it.

Cottingham shared that authorities were first alerted to the situation in Southeast Houston after receiving an anonymous tip to 311 from a concerned citizen.

The Houston Police Department’s Major Offender Animal Cruelty Unit and animal control officers responded and tranquilized the female tiger. The animal was subsequently transported to BARC, the city’s animal shelter, where she was temporarily housed.

BARC shared the news in a post on its Facebook page.

“Here our Animal Enforcement team is preparing to transport the tiger to a secure location,” noted the post. “We will try to provide additional details on this developing case once they are available.”

Cottingham explained that while Houston has one of the largest amounts of stray animals, taking in more than 26,000 animals each year, it is not equipped to accommodate a big cat, nor does it have any vets that work with exotic animals.

Unfathomably, it’s legal to own a tiger with proper wild game permits in the state of Texas. However, it is illegal to have a tiger in Houston.

This Is Ridiculous! Tigers Should Be Living Free In The Wild Where They Belong.

May the person or persons responsible for abandoning this poor tiger be found and may justice be served.

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