Breaking! TripAdvisor Stops Selling Tickets To Facility That Forces Protected Species To Perform In Vietnam

An “eco-tourism” facility based in Nha Trang, Vietnam, which forces protected species to perform tricks for entertainment, has been dropped by the world’s largest travel site.

When Animals Asia investigated Long Phu Corporation, the charity discovered protected species such as bears, macaques, and elephants kept in atrocious conditions and openly forced to perform for tourists.

Foreign tourists were found to be a mainstay of the business, participating in cruel elephant and ostrich rides and even taking part in circus-type shows with bears.

Animals Asia’s opposition prompted travel guide publisher Lonely Planet to end ticket sales to Long Phu’s Orchid and Monkey Island sites in 2018, and now TripAdvisor has followed suit by ending ticket sales to Monkey Island.

“International tour operators ending their complicity in cruel tourism activities is absolutely vital if we are to stop the poaching and abuse of Vietnam’s wildlife,” Animals Asia Animal Welfare Department Manager Nguyen Tam Thanh said in a statement. Connections to prestigious global brands give legitimacy to these activities, encourage travelers to attend, and give a financial incentive to companies to continue.”

In an email to a Facebook group called Vietnam Animal Eyes, TripAdvisor’s James Kay confirmed his company had “ceased all ticket sales” to the cruel attraction.

While Vietnamese law does not prohibit animal performances, protected species such as bears, macaques, and elephants are protected from exploitation including poaching and trading for profit.

However, despite a report by Animals Asia showing the widespread abuse of six protected species at circuses across the country, the authorities have yet to take punitive action against any facilities, and yet the performances continue.

“The authorities are failing to tackle the very serious wildlife crimes behind Vietnam’s animal circus problem,” stated Animals Asia Animal Welfare Director Dave Neale. “We have been shown paperwork claiming juvenile moon bears have been obtained legally, but no facility or official has been able to explain how this is possible. The poaching and sale of bears for exploitation is illegal and no facility has the ability to breed, so where are they coming from? We still haven’t received an answer.”

Fortunately, some international tour companies are taking action to end their complicity in suspected wildlife crime and animal cruelty.

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