Breaking! Trump Administration Approves Seismic Testing In The Atlantic Ocean; Shockingly Issuing 5 New Permits

Photo from New Jersey Congressman Frank Pallone, Jr., Facebook

The Trump administration yesterday approved seismic testing permits for the Atlantic Coast; a controversial move that is both a threat to marine life and a precursor to offshore drilling.

According to a statement from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, “NOAA Fisheries issued final authorizations to the companies holding the permits, under the Marine Mammal Protection Act, to incidentally, but not intentionally, harass marine mammals, as they conduct geophysical surveys in support of hydrocarbon exploration in the Atlantic Ocean.”

What? Incidentally not intentionally? There is no justifiable reason for our oceans and marine life to be put at risk.

Among those expressing outrage at the decision, is New Jersey Congressman Frank Pallone, Jr. who condemned the Trump administration’s approval of the permits, enabling five companies to use seismic air guns that can disturb, harm, and potentially kill, not only marine mammals, but also a wide range of marine life that support coastal economies from Florida to Maine.

The soundwaves produced by these blasts are reflected back to the surface, and measured to determine whether oil, gas, or other minerals are present under the ocean. This can disrupt migratory patterns, cause marine wildlife to abandon important habitats, disrupt mating and feeding, destroy fish eggs and larvae, and cause deafness in whales and dolphins rendering them unable to communicate and reproduce.

“Members from both sides of the aisle will work tirelessly to fight this reckless decision by the Trump administration,” Pallone said in a statement, further explaining that seismic testing could result in oil and gas drilling, threatening public health, coastal communities, and hundreds of thousands of jobs.

In June 2017, Pallone spearheaded a bipartisan letter from the entire New Jersey Congressional delegation to the National Marine Fisheries Service voicing concerns over the issuing of seismic testing permits for the Atlantic Ocean.

Last year, Pallone was also instrumental in encouraging the Obama administration to deny six pending geophysical and geological permit applications to conduct similar seismic surveys in the Mid-and-South Atlantic Planning Areas of the Atlantic Ocean.

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