Breaking! Two Leopards Found Entangled In Wire Traps Die In India As Poaching Incidents Increase

Two leopards found yesterday in the forests of Palampur in India’s northern state of Himachal Pradesh became the latest victims to fall prey to greedy poachers.

Sadly, according to the Tribune, more wild animals are expected lose their lives to poachers during the winter months as they migrate from snowbound areas of Dhauladhar Wildlife Sanctuary to lower hills.

The young leopards, protected under Schedule I of the Wildlife Protection Act, were found entangled in wire traps laid by yet-to-be-identified poachers.

Tragically, one died at the scene while the other, who was severely injured, passed away after being transferred to a local zoo for care.

As forest officials continued to scan the forest area for more wire traps, The Forest Department registered a First Information Report (FIR) with local police.

Numerous wild animals such as wild boar, sambar and barking deer, are often injured or killed on lower land by poachers using both guns and “crude traps made from clutch wire of two-wheelers.”

Horrifically, the make-shift wire traps are cruelly designed so that once an animal is trapped in it, the more it struggles to free itself the tighter the hold becomes.

Officials at the wildlife department have reportedly responded that they are responsible for protecting the animals while they are in the wildlife sanctuaries and zoos.

In the areas outside wildlife sanctuaries, territorial forest officials are supposed to check poaching activities.

However, the department officials said that if a specific poaching case comes to their attention, they can take care of it.


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