Breaking! U.S. Presidential Candidate Julián Castro Announces Animal Welfare Plan To Help ALL Animals


Julián Castro may be one of more than 20 candidates vying for the Democratic nomination in the United States 2020 presidential campaign, but he is the first to announce a comprehensive animal welfare plan.

Unlike President Trump, Castro designed an ambitious plan to protect and save all animals, not harm or destroy them.

“It’s about pets, farm animals, wild animals, and endangered species. We should treat them with respect,” Castro said yesterday in a post on his Facebook Page while announcing the PAW plan which stands for Protecting Animals and Wildlife. “As president, I would advance animal welfare across the country.”

Ending the practice of euthanizing healthy domestic dogs and cats in shelters, investing in a national program to spay and neuter animals, and making animal cruelty a federal crime were among the many issues addressed by Castro.

The former Mayor of San Antonio and Housing and Urban Development Secretary also shared that he would prohibit the testing of cosmetics on animals and ban unlicensed ownership of big cats, such as tigers as pets.

Speaking specifically about horses, which he called “intelligent, noble animals,” Castro stated that his administration would: end the slaughter of horses for human consumption, ban doping, and end the cruel practice of soring to affect their gait.

“The Trump administration just weakened the landmark Endangered Species Act that saved so many wildlife species,” continued Castro. “My administration would reverse that damage and protect wildlife.”

Castro’s plan also takes on the abhorrent “sport” of trophy hunting, a favorite pastime of Trump’s eldest sons.

Trophy hunting must end, according to Castro, as the country must promote conservation on federal lands, not the profit margins of lobbyists.

Castro also addressed the fact that animal welfare is linked to sustainable farming practices and to climate change, explaining that he would strengthen animal welfare and transparency standards on factory farms.

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