Breaking! Undercover Investigation Exposes Horrendous Puppy Mills Throughout China


Heartbreaking stories and images of the dog meat trade often serve as powerful reminders of the tragic and inhumane treatment and conditions that these and other innocent animals are subjected to in China.

A new PETA Asia undercover investigation revealed on its website the “hellish mass-breeding facilities where dogs are treated like puppy-producing machines and are never given any love, attention, or even a chance to roll in the grass.” These are not dog meat facilities, they are puppy mills throughout China.

As per the organization, its latest exposé found that in China, as in the rest of the world, innocent animals in puppy mills are confined to small filthy cages which cause them extreme suffering and distress, often resulting in their constant pacing and spinning in circles.

While at several puppy mills across China, including those in major provinces and cities such as: Guangdong, Shandong and Shanghai, investigators found many malnourished dogs and puppies living in such squalid conditions, they “stuck their noses through the cage wires trying to escape the stench of their own waste.”

Other specific examples of horror these poor defenseless animals are forced to endure included a dark room at a puppy mill in Shanghai where mother dogs and “studs” were “condemned to a lifetime of confinement, loneliness and misery, producing litter after litter like widgets on an assembly line, before being killed or abandoned once they stop pumping out enough puppies to be profitable.”

At a puppy farm in Guandong province, investigators met Nutmeg, a white bulldog who suffered from severe hip dysplasia and could only drag his back legs behind him as he moved about.

“Breeding for specific traits, as well as inbreeding, are both common practices at puppy mills, they wreak havoc on a dogs’ health. Purebred dogs such as Nutmeg commonly suffer from painful and life-threatening genetic defects, including blindness, deafness, heart defects, skin problems, and epilepsy. Many bulldogs, Pekingese, and other flat-faced dogs can barely breathe, let alone go for a walk or chase a ball without gasping for air because of their unnaturally shortened airways,” PETA Asia noted in a statement. “The list goes on and on.”

Everyone is urged to remember these victimized dogs and Adopt Don’t Shop!

The details of the investigation follow on the heels of last week’s announcement by the UK Government that it is considering banning puppy sales from pet shops, a trend that has gained momentum in the United States, as part of its animal welfare reforms.

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