Breaking! Undercover Investigation Filmed At Larson Dairy Exposes Horrific Secrets Of The Dairy Industry


Graphic footage obtained from a recent undercover investigation reveals many of the dark secrets that are hidden behind the closed doors of the dairy industry.

Produced by direct-action organization Animal Rescue Mission (ARM), the shocking video was shot in August of this year at the Larson dairy farm, located in Okeechobee, Florida.

According to ARM, “What was revealed, shocked even the most seasoned researchers, and confirmed rumors that the Larson dairy farm is considered to be the most brutal operations of all the dairy farms in Florida.”

Producing milk for people to drink requires taking it from baby calves who are heartlessly separated from their mothers at birth.

The traumatized mothers, who are turned into milk-making machines, are violently milked up to three times per day which often leads to infections, antibiotic use, and drastically shortened lifespans.

Sadly, these gentle animals are poked, prodded, kicked, and abused every day of their life to get them to produce even more milk.

Aimed at educating people and creating change, ARM also supplied the following information:

Milk is not good for you.

“According to Dr. Mark Hyman, the New York Times ten-time best-selling author and head at the Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine, drinking milk may not be best for healthy bones, may raise your risk for cancer, and after age five, your body fails to produce the enzyme needed to appropriately break down milk. Healthier and more humane alternatives are almond milk, cashew milk, or soy milk.”

Milk is not good for our planet.

“Did you know that livestock and their byproducts account for over 50% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions? That 56% of all water in the U.S. is consumed by animal agriculture? In fact, every one pound of beef you eat requires 2,500 gallons of water. If you believe the overwhelming majority of scientists around the world that say climate change is clear and present danger to your way of life, the best action you can take is adopting a dairy-free, plant-based diet.”

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