Breaking! Hero Risks His Life To Save Rabbit From SoCal Wildfires


Amidst the relentless flames that are threatening much of Southern California, a yet-to-be-named hero who risked his life to save a small rabbit from the Thomas Fire has emerged.

According to KABC, the compassionate young man who did not want to be interviewed at the scene, stopped and exited his car to help the wild rabbit who was running scared along Highway 1 in La Conchita, a small community just outside of the Santa Barbara County border.

After his desperate attempt to coax the rabbit to safety proved successful, the kind-hearted man quickly knelt down, picked up the frightened animal and held it in his arms to help it calm down.

The daring rescue was captured by a news photographer who came upon the dramatic scene last night.

The Thomas Fire, which started Monday and exploded to more than 90,000 acres by Wednesday, continues to threaten communities from Santa Paula to La Conchita. It is one of the numerous wildfires currently burning throughout the Southland.

People are being advised to keep their animals indoors and to leave water outside for wildlife who may pass through their yards while fleeing from the wildfires.

WAN applauds this humble hero for his selfless actions to save another life. He provided a much-needed reminder of what is good in this world.

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