Breaking! Urgent Help Needed To Ensure Animals Have Water As “Day Zero” Approaches In Cape Town, South Africa

Animal Rescue Organization

Due to scorching temperatures and increased water usage during what has been described as its worst drought in 100 years, Cape Town, South Africa has now determined that April 21, 2018, is the estimated date that Day Zero will occur.

Day Zero is when most of the taps in Cape Town will be shut off and residents will be forced to obtain water at some 200 collection points.

According to IOL news, the government explained that “Day Zero does not mean that there is no water in the dams. It does mean, however, that the dams are at a crucial low. This crucial low means that dam storage will be at 13.5%. This is when the City will turn off most taps, leaving only vital services with access to water.”

At the moment, the plan is that the City will distribute 25 liters of water per person per day as recommended by the World Health Organization.

What About The Animals?

While WAN ponders, what will happen to endangered animals such as elephants and rhinos, compassionate Capetonians are working now to help provide water for pets and livestock.

Animal Rescue Organization (ARO) and Water for Paws are compiling their own Day Zero drop-off collection points around Cape Town and are requesting the public to donate water to ensure that the animal organization, ARO hospital, and communities with animals in need of water won’t be left behind.

“People in bush areas don’t have a vehicle to run around to get 25 liters of water for livestock,” Karen de Klerk told the IOL. “It’s not a happy story.”

Equally concerned about the welfare of animals during this challenging time is Fiona Dimio who launched a Facebook page last Friday to collect water reserves for animal organizations.

“I could not sit back and hope that someone else would do something so I started Water for Paws,” said Dimio whose plan to store bottled water and operate from her garage has grown into a nationwide operation in a remarkably short amount of time. “The response has been astounding and water has been rolling in fast. We’re collecting water from Joburg and Cape Town.”

South Africans, from as far away as Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal, have also contacted Dimio to send water supplies down to the Western Cape.

Water warriors are reportedly ready to take donations in Cape Town and help distribute it when and where it is needed.

People are encouraged to help whether it be by donating or distributing water or sending financial aid to help facilitate the effort.

Information on how help Animal Rescue Organization is available HERE and Water For Paws HERE!

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