Breaking! The Vietnamese Embassy In Chile Explains Why They Had Shark Fins Drying On Roof Of Trade Office Building; This Should Be Illegal!

El Mostrador Newspaper 

A questionable report that shark fins were drying on the roof of the Vietnamese embassy in Chile was confirmed today as factual.

According to an official statement by the embassy, “the trade office reported that the shark fins were bought by a close relative of a staff member” at a market in Santiago de Chile with the intent of cooking them for the family.

Shark fin soup is considered a delicacy by many people in Vietnam based on non-factual traditional beliefs to help with rejuvenation and blood nourishment, which is a myth.

Horrifically, the meat for the ridiculously expensive soup is secured by fishermen who catch the sharks, cut off their fins while they’re still alive, and throw the animals’ severed bodies back in the water. Because the sharks need their fins to swim and breathe, the poor animals then slowly suffocate and bleed to death.

Tragically, this horrendous practice is also a major factor in driving sharks to extinction.

As per VnExpress International, Vietnam’s trade ministry had contacted the Chilean Foreign Minister on Monday requesting coordination to verify “a report that hundreds of shark fins were causing a stench on the roof of the Vietnam Commerce Office.”

The Ministry also requested that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs coordinate in investigating the case and work with Chilean agencies to handle it in line with Chile’s laws and regulations.

Chile passed a nationwide ban on shark finning in 2011.

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