Breaking WAN Exclusive; Indiana Residents, We Need Your Support At DNR Meeting Today, May 15th, In Fort Bend, to Stop Mandatory Killing Of Raccoons, Coyotes & Opossum

Following up on a March 21st WAN Exclusive, we have a new update about the abhorrent rule changes suggested by the Indiana Department of Natural Resources; one, in particular, that would order animal control specialists to euthanize “nuisance” animals including raccoons, coyotes and opossums.

As WAN previously reported, operators are currently permitted to capture “nuisance” animals and either euthanize the animal or release it on a property with the owner’s permission.

This rule would change all of that and take away the rights of the animal service providers and their customers who want to save the animal’s life and safely release it into an approved wildlife area.

WAN received an update from Michael Meservy, owner of Advanced Pest Control in Indianapolis about how people can join his fight against the policy change that would mean an unnecessary death sentence to thousands of animals per year.

First, anyone in the area is encouraged to attend the DNR Committee meeting scheduled for this morning at 10:00am at Fort Harrison State Park located at 6002 North Post Road in Indianapolis, Indiana.

According to Meservy, during the meeting, the committee will vote on 27-pages of proposed rule changes, including one that would allow the hunting, trapping, and killing of bobcats, the area’s only native wild cat which was taken off the state’s endangered species list in 2015.

“People need to show up to stand against what will become the mass slaughter of Indiana wildlife,” Meservy told WAN, noting that the session will not be open for public comment if things are not going in the right direction, he will find a way to be heard. “It’s wholesale slaughter for commercial purposes and needs to be stopped before it is started.”

Unfathomable and unwanted by the majority of the public, there is continued speculation that the suggested change is politically motivated.

“I still can’t figure out why this rule is even being considered,” Merservy told WAN. “There must be some big money behind this because everyone I have talked with from animal control officers to animal advocates is against this rule change.”

Meservy previously told WAN that putting an animal down is the worst part of the job and very rare, he has estimated that he has only had to euthanize eight animals during his 17 years in business because they were either critically injured or carrying a disease.

“The first question customers ask me is do you kill the animals, the next question is how much does it cost,” explained Meservy who shared with WAN that if the change is enacted, he may lose his business because he will not participate in the killing of healthy animals. “Even if people don’t care about the morality or the economics of the possible change, the fact that it limits consumers’ options is a problem as well.”

There is power in numbers. Please attend the meeting today in opposition of the new rule changes if you are in the area. Thousands of innocent animals need us to be their voice, today! 

WAN will update this story as it develops .

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