Breaking! WAN Talks With “The End Of Meat” Filmmaker Marc Pierschel About Powerful Documentary That Launches Worldwide Today

Following sold-out premieres in Berlin, New York, Los Angeles and Toronto, the much-anticpated documentary film The End Of Meat launches today worldwide on DVD, Blu-ray and digital download, as well as iTunes, Amazon, Vimeo and other VOD platforms.

In August of last year, WAN had the opportunity to speak exclusively with German filmmaker Marc Pierschel about his thought-provoking film that explores  “What would happen if meat disappeared?”

“The main idea behind the film was to explore a different perspective and take a look at what is possible,” Pierschel told WAN, further explaining that while other documentaries have focused on problems, he wanted to turn it around and focus on the positive.

“Instead of focusing on the negative consequences of consuming meat, I wanted to show the hugely beneficial possibilities of a post-meat world and what that might look like for humans, animals and the planet,” shared Pierschel.

The film, which dares to declare that “The future of meat is history,” offers this optimistic vision through interviews with activists and attorneys, scholars and scientists, entrepreneurs and industry disruptors.

This morning, WAN checked in with Pierschel to find out if he has learned anything new or surprising about the topic since we first talked with him about his film.

“It’s just really exciting to see the subjects we’ve covered in the film progress. Dr. Marco Springmann, for example, released a new study last year on how a health tax on bacon and sausages could save hundreds of thousands of lives every year, which had a huge impact,” Pierschel shared with WAN, further stating that ‘it’s never been easier to go vegan than it is today!’ “In the United States, the USDA and FDA have just reached an agreement on how to regulate cultured meat in the future, so it won’t be long before the first products hit the market.”

Further reflecting the growing preference for a world without animal products, The End of Meat also enjoyed successful theatrical releases in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Enabling a broader audience to watch the documentary which reveals the hidden impact of meat consumption; exploring the opportunities and benefits of a shift to a more compassionate diet; and raises critical questions about the future role of animals in our society, can be viewed with subtitles in German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Estonian, Chinese and Russian, with more translations to come.

Pierschel is currently wrapping up production for his next documentary, which focuses on the first farmed animal sanctuary in Germany.

WAN looks forward to sharing news on Pierschel’s second documentary once it premieres. Stay tuned!

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