Brigitte Bardot Warns Vladimir Putin About The Culling Of Stray Dogs Before Russia Hosts The World Cup

Brigitte Bardot Foundation & Getty Images

PARIS – Brigitte Bardot, the French film star who became an animal rights activist, is using the upcoming soccer World Cup hosted by Russia to express her concerns to President Vladimir Putin about the fate of stray animals in the country.

Bardot’s foundation tweeted a letter from her to Putin on Thursday, referring to what she called culling campaigns and other animal cruelty in Russian cities. She said “by accepting this mass killing, you favor barbarism!”

She implored him to replace “this revolting slaughter” with sterilization campaigns. Bardot noted that with the June 14-July 15 World Cup, “the eyes of the international community are turned toward you.”

Epistolary exchanges between Bardot and Putin aren’t new. He wrote to her in 2000 saying leaders should be heeding her “alarm signals.”

The Brigitte Bardot Foundation has over 75,000 donors in more than 70 countries around the world, and over 500 investigators and volunteer delegates. Its headquarters are located in Paris and they employ together with their three shelters, 100 people.

Brigitte’s Foundation acts directly on the ground giving aid to shelters, rescue animals, sterilization campaigns of stray animals and assistance to homeless people.

The foundation also intervenes legally against cases of cruelty or abuse supported by their delegates throughout France.

In metropolitan France and overseas, The Brigitte Bardot Foundation is also present on all continents to support local initiatives. They work to strengthen communication networks to further inform the public on the plight of animals.

Brigitte is a member Eurogroup For Animals in Brussels, which campaigns for strengthening EU legislation on animal welfare.

She is also a member of SSN (Species Survival Network), the foundation also participates in CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species). The issues discussed at these meetings include ivory trafficking, the disappearance of polar bears, and the decline of many species caused by international trafficking and the destruction of their habitat.

In France, Brigitte participated in the struggle against bullfighting and is leading the fight against ritual slaughter.

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