Bull Escapes Slaughterhouse In Brooklyn And Saved By Skylands Animal Sanctuary

Photo Credit: Skylands Animal Sanctuary

A loose bull that was first believed to be a cow was discovered roaming through Prospect Park in Brooklyn this morning.

After several hours of trying to capture him, police managed to tranquilize the large animal that witnesses described as “terrified.” 

ABC News

Once subdued, the brown bull was roped and transferred into a horse trailer bound for an Animal Care and Control Center.

After being alerted to the situation, police helicopters circled overhead as NYPD’s elite emergency service unit discussed how to capture the bull.

At approximately 1:30 PM police lassoed the bull and took it to a shelter, according to Deputy Chief Charles Scholl of Brooklyn South.

ABC News

WAN’s friends at Skylands Animal Sanctuary, founded by Mike Stura, called and offered to rescue the bull and bring him to their farm animal sanctuary in New Jersey.

The bull reportedly escaped from a nearby slaughterhouse and thankfully because of Skylands Animal Sanctuary, will now live the rest of his life free from harm.

Last year, a bull also escaped another slaughterhouse before being found wandering on the CUNY York College campus. Former Daily Show host Jon Stewart rescued that bull and transferred him to an animal safe haven in Watkins Glen, New York.

While some people may be surprised at the sight of escaped animals such as cows and bulls roaming in neighborhoods, what is most shocking is the horror, and ultimate death that these poor animals are desperately trying to escape at slaughterhouses.

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