Busted! Alleged Online Seller Of Protected-Wildlife Parts, Adul Matleuang, Has Been Arrested After Seizure Of 47 Endangered Animal Skins & Parts In Thailand

Photos from DNP, Facebook

A collaborative effort between the Phaya Sua task force of the National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation Department (DNP), police, and Ratchaburi’s Suan Phueng district officials, resulted in the arrest yesterday of a man believed to be using the internet to sell protected-wildlife parts and products online.

In a translated post on the DNP Facebook page, the department revealed that 23 pieces of clouded leopard skin, 13 pieces of Asian golden cat skin, nine pieces of leopard cat skin, and two pieces of muntjac horn were among the items seized in the operation.

As per The Nation, the suspect, Adul Matleuang, was apprehended after officers obtained and executed a search warrant for his house located in Tambon Tha Keuy.

The department estimated that the “price of the wildlife damage” recovered at Matleuang’s home totaled 408,700 Thai baht which converts to a little more than USD $12,962.

Matleuang was subsequently transported to the Suan Phueng police station for further legal processing.

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