Busted! South African Authorities Arrest 8 Suspects In Possession Of Illegal Lion Bones & Tiger Skin; A Total Of 40 Lions Were Killed

Photos from South African Parks Service, Facebook

A joint intelligence driven operation over the weekend resulted in the apprehension of eight suspects who were allegedly in possession of lion bones, meat, and tiger skin in South Africa.

The suspects, ranging from 22-years-old to 60-years old, now face charges of Illegal possession of wildlife products without a permit, and carrying out restricted activities involving a specimen of a threatened or protected species.

As per a South African Parks Service (SAPS) statement, the team intercepted two vehicles in which they recovered lion bones, lion meat, a tiger skin, gas cylinders, gas burners, containers, and other equipment which is believed to have been used to process the lion bones.

The news, accompanied by appalling images, was also shared on SAPS Facebook page.

The suspects took the team to a farm near Klerksdorp where the lions were reportedly slaughtered. At the farm, a lion skin was found discarded in the bush, and large machines which are believed to have been the instruments for cutting the bones were also found in the garage.

It is alleged that at least 30 lions were killed at the farm on Saturday, while 10 more lions were killed on Friday.

Hawks’ North West Serious Organized Crime Unit was assisted by Crime intelligence, Klerksdorp TRT, Potchefstroom flying squad, and the Department of Nature Conservation in the operation.

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