Breaking! California Governor Jerry Brown Signs The Bullhook Ban

On Monday, Governor Jerry Brown signed the bullhook ban, Senate Bill 1062, to end the use of the archaic bullhook, as well as other harmful fear driven tools like baseball bats used to control Elephants in circuses. Bullhooks are used as a fear driven method by handlers causing injury to elephants in order to make them perform.

The California bill was introduced by Ricardo Lara, which prohibits the use of pain-inflicting devices to train or control the behavior of an elephant. Both chambers of the California legislature approved SB 1062, which passed the Senate and Assembly.

Anyone who violates the bullhook ban will face civil penalties. The ban will go into effect on January 1st, 2018.

California will be the second state in the nation to ban bullhooks. Rhode Island is the first state to enact the ban as of July 2016. The decision by Ringling Bros. to retire their elephants is a result of public pressure to end the use of wild animals for entertainment.

Ricardo Lara said in a statement. “California’s commitment to the humane treatment of elephants is strengthened today. Banning bullhooks removes cruel and horrific treatment against these kind, gentle animals.”

We hope that this crucial bullhook ban will be a step in the right direction to raise people’s consciousness about the cruel practices used in the circus. Someday very soon we hope circuses will be banned worldwide.

Source:, Humane Society

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