Call To Action! Your Help Is Needed To Ban The Sale of Cruel Foie Gras In New York City


You have a rare opportunity to stop an extreme form of animal abuse by joining In Defense of Animal’s efforts to ban foie gras sales in New York City.

Horrifically, to produce foie gras (French for fatty liver), ducks and geese have large metal pipes forced down their throats so they can be pumped with more feed than they could ever eat naturally in order to over-enlarge their livers; often to over ten times their normal size. They endure these vicious force-feedings three times a day which frequently causes choking, injury and pre-slaughter death from having their throats gouged open.

Unfortunately, foie gras is still legal in New York City. However, more than a dozen countries and the state of California have outlawed it and now it’s time for New York City to stand against this appalling trade.

Thankfully, Council Member Carlina Rivera has introduced a bill, Intro 1378, that will ban the sale of foie gras from force-fed ducks and geese – but she can’t pass it without your support!

What You Do To Help!

1. Call your city Council Member and ask for co-sponsorship of Intro 1378. Look up your council member’s phone number HERE!

For an example, you can say:

“Hello, my name is ________, I’m calling to ask if Council Member ________ is a co-sponsor of Intro 1378, which is Council Member Carlina Rivera’s bill to end the cruel force-feeding of ducks and geese for the production of foie gras?”

If yes: “Thanks so much for helping New York City to stand with integrity against the cruel treatment of animals!”

If no or unknown: “As a constituent of this district, I respectfully urge support of this bill. You have the power to help New York City stand with integrity against the cruel treatment of animals, and if you co-sponsor this bill, I will fully support you!”

2. Click here to send a letter to your Council Member asking for co-sponsorship of Intro 1378.

3. If you get a response, please email: so they know where each council member stands.

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