Call The White House Today And Ask Donald Trump To Veto H.J. Resolution 69

WAN just got off the phone with The White House and we encourage everyone to Call Now & explain why Donald Trump should Veto H.J. Resolution 69 which passed the Senate, and S.J. Resolution 18 which was introduced and essentially the same.

These resolutions would allow cruel and inhumane hunting practices on all refuge land in Alaska, such as:

• Trapping and snaring of brown bears and black bears
• Baiting of brown bears
• Killing of wolves, coyotes, and their pups during denning season
• Shooting mother bears and their cubs
• Using aircraft to either kill bears, or to track bears in order to kill them on the same day.

This is wrong! Donald Trump, the animal loving world is asking for your help to stand up and be a voice for these defenceless animals who depend on us for the future of their survival. Please Veto H.J. Res 69/S.J. Res 18. Thank you for Choosing Compassion Over Killing!

Call the White House Today! # 202-456-1111.

Sign The White House Petition Here:

Please Make Sure To Verify Your Signature Via E-Mail So It Counts. Thank you!

You can help all animals and our planet by choosing compassion on your plate and in your glass. #GoVeg

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