Can Choosing A Plant-Based Diet Help End World Hunger?

Raising animals for food requires massive amounts of land, food, water, and energy, causes animal suffering, world hunger and disease.

51 percent or more of global greenhouse-gas emissions are caused by animal agriculture.

It takes almost 20 times less land to feed someone on a plant-based diet than it does on a meat-based diet, since the crops are consumed directly instead of being used to feed animals.

Even though there are enough plant-based foods grown to feed the entire world, the majority of crops (including those grown in countries where people are starving) are fed to livestock for the western nations instead of feeding their own people.

Eating a plant-based diet will help starving people around the world, the environment, your health and the animals!

Try it, you may like! 🙏🌍❤️🙌


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