Cher & Her Free The Wild Foundation Advocate To Save Kaavan The Lonely Elephant From Marghzar Zoo


Cher is heralded for many things including her incredible voice.Yesterday, however, it was her strength, perseverance, and commitment that took center stage.

Continuing her plight to help free Kaavan, Cher has offered to fundraise for the male Asian elephant’s transfer from the Marghzar Zoo in Islamabad to safety at The Cambodia Wildlife Sanctuary.

As previously reported by WAN, after three decades of being chained and living in deplorable conditions at the zoo, due to the public advocating for Kaavan, Pakistan’s Senate Standing Committee agreed on July 25, 2016, that sending the abused, neglected and isolated elephant to the sanctuary was “the right thing to do.”

Sadly, though it appears as if nothing has been done yet to facilitate the move.

Cher is among many who want that to change by having Kaavan be the first rescued elephant her charitable foundation, Free The Wild, rescues. The foundation was formed specifically to help protect wild animals in captivity.

Mark Cowne, a longtime friend and representative of Cher, met with Mayor Sheikh Anser Aziz yesterday to discuss various options to move Kavaan, as well as to improve the zoo itself.

“Cher says that she believes in freedom for Kavaan, because the elephant has spent too long in a bad and damaging situation. Cher says please give the lone elephant his freedom and his dignity by setting him free,” Cowne told Dawn after the meeting.

The mayor and other officials assured Cowne that Kaavan’s facilities, including feed and the quality of his shed and medication, had been improved to a significant degree.

The meeting concluded with the agreement that the Mayor, the CDA, zoo administration and Free The Wild must do what is right and in the best interests of Kaavan.

Stay tuned to WAN for further updates!

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