Has China Turned Over A New Leaf? 38 Chinese Cities Host “Adoption Day” For Stray Dogs & Cats

Photo from China Plus

Despite the challenging cold weather across China, 38 cities hosted a simultaneous “Adoption Day” to encourage people to adopt stray dogs and cats as pets.

Across the nation, as per Xinhua, adoptable animals were accompanied by local pop stars and artists as they met potential family members in the major cities with a combined population of over 325 million.

According to Yang Yang, a co-founder and coordinator of the events nationwide, the day was designed to provide a non-profit platform to inform and educate the public on how to help animals in distress and advocate for the rescued strays to be accepted as domestic companions.

“In Beijing, as in Nanjing, Shanghai, Xi’an, Harbin, Chengdu, Nanning…from north to south, west to east, people have been rescuing animals from the street and the illegal meat trade, providing treatment for the injured and the ill, as well as sterilization, vaccination, and training for the once abandoned, stolen or born feral, voluntarily,” Yang said. “Our ultimate goal is that, when helping an animal in distress and adopting a rescued stray becomes common sense and a way of life, there will no longer be the need for Adoption Day to exist.”

Adoption Day has set up funds to encourage the society to apply the TNR (trap, neuter, return) method for the stray population control while publicizing that adopting the rescued animals is a loving way of life.

Dr. Sun Quanhui, a senior scientific advisor at the World Animal Protection office in China expressed that animal welfare institutions around the country have been making tremendous progress in helping prevent infectious disease such as rabies.” Sun said.

The Chinese government has stated that it plans to practically eliminate rabies by 2025.

May the horrific dog and cat meat trade end much sooner!

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