Chinese Olympic Speed Skater Wu Dajing Uses His Platform To Speak Out Against The Fur Trade In China

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Sheena Gao, WAN’s Chinese correspondent talks about the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics and short track speed skater Wu Dajing, who is an animal advocate representing China. Wu Dajing happens to be just as passionate about ending the fur trade in China as we are, and is using his Olympic platform to be a Voice for the Voiceless.

China is one of the largest fur exporters in the world. Hong Kong is the world’s third largest fur clothing exporter, with most of their production in mainland China. Cheap labor and tax regulations in China have allowed fur farming and trade to grow in the past decade according to Haute Acorn, a major fur retailer based in Kozani, Greece.

Investigations into the Chinese fur industry found that not only fox, mink, raccoon dog and rabbit fur are used, but also dog and cat fur in many types of fur clothing.

China has no regulations on animal abuse, nor animal torture in fur farms. Animals die of horrific deaths, they are tortured and bludgeoned to death, before they are skinned.

There is some good news to this gruesome and primitive business, Hong Kong’s fur clothing exports slid by 11% in the first five months of 2017, after a 34% decrease in 2016 (according to HKTDC Research), that is due to many animal rights groups putting pressure on China for its cruel practices and major deficiencies in animal protection legislation with absolutely no laws in place for animals.

With The 23rd Winter Olympics opening in Pyeongchang, South Korea, PETA, who is one of the major animal welfare organizations fighting the Chinese fur industry, has partnered with Chinese short track speed skater Wu Dajing, together they have blasted Chinese social media with the new “I’d Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur” Campaign.

The 23-year old athlete is a hero to the Chinese public, he won a silver medal in the men’s 500 meters in the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, a bronze in the Men’s 5000 meter relay race, and the gold medal in the men’s 500m in the 2014 ISU World Championships in Montreal, Canada.

The Ads use Wu’s muscular upper body as canvas, painted with blue ink that symbolizes all of the animals skinned and slaughtered in the fur industry, such as fox, raccoon, mink and many other species.

Through these important ads, Wu Dajing hopes to tell everyone that “the true winner will never hurt the weak and small ones”, he calls on everyone to join him to reject all fur products.

We applaud Wu Dajing’s courageousness and PETA Asia’s effort in the fight against animal cruelty in China. We truly hope China will step up their animal protection legislation, and we hope to see the fur trade decrease to zero in the near future.

Make Compassion The Fashion & Go Fur Free!

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