Another City In Yulin, China, With The Same Name As The Infamous Yulin Dog Meat Festival Is Underwater


Another city in China’s northwestern Yulin, Saanix provence sinks into major floods. Although this is not the same Yulin that is infamous for the annual dog and cat meat festival, many dogs and cats throughout China are still tortured and killed for their meat every day for “so-called” tradition.

I do not wish ill upon anyone, but could this be the tears of the thousands of dogs from heaven? Says animal activist Sheena Gao, as she goes on to say; could this be the tears of all the animal lovers in the world?

Could this be the answer from God who we have been praying to?

END The Yulin Dog Meat Festival FOREVER!

An estimated 10,000 dogs & cats are tortured and killed for their meat every year during the week long festival.

Together we will put a STOP to it!

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