2000 People Fill The Streets In Hong Kong During March For Tougher Animal Welfare Law & Penalties

Photo: Facebook/Mak Lin

An estimated 2000 people participated in a march yesterday urging the government of Hong Kong to institute an animal welfare law and impose tougher penalties for abusers.

The event, which was organized by AnimalSaver HK, a volunteer group with no political affiliation, drew the support of more than 40 organizations though, as per the Apple Daily, some reportedly had to withdraw due to political pressure.

Currently, anyone found guilty of cruelty to animals is liable to fines and up to three years imprisonment.

In an open letter to Hong Kong’s Chief Executive Carrie Lam last week, AnimalSaver HK stated that the full penalty was rarely enforced noting that most cases resulted in, at most, 16 months in jail.

Claiming that animal laws are not enforced effectively, AnimalSaver HK also called on police to set up a dedicated department for the protection of animals.

Yesterday, demonstrators held signs including one that noted “Going vegan is the only way to stop animal cruelty” and chanted “You don’t have to love them, but don’t hurt them.” Some walked with their pets despite the organizer’s request not to bring them.

“Hongkongers say they will throw their dog onto the street when they are stressed out, but animals are living creatures,” noted a demonstrator who told Apple Daily that she was not politically inclined, but felt helpless when hearing about cases of animal abuse. “We should let these people know that they must bear legal responsibility.”

The marchers also held a vigil at Central’s Chater Garden for a Japanese spitz, named Siu Bak, who was allegedly thrown from the roof of a 23-story building earlier this year.

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