Colorado Parks & Wildlife Receives 9 Fawns In 11 Days; They Urge The Public To Leave Baby Wildlife Alone

Photos from Colorado Parks and Wildlife, Twitter

Nine fawns were recently received by the Colorado Springs office of Colorado Parks and Wildlife in a span of 11 days, the department took to Twitter to share their urgent message to leave baby wildlife alone.

According to the department, the majority of the nine baby deer were healthy and should have never been touched by humans.

Fawns are rarely abandoned by their mothers who are most-likely out gathering food or temporarily hiding from predators. The baby mammals are often left alone until well after dark and are scentless, which normally makes them safe from predators.

Once a human’s scent has transferred to a fawn, they then can become vulnerable to predators.

@COParksWildlife is filling space at local rehabbers with healthy fawns instead of true orphans or sick babies because misguided #ColoradoSprings residents keep taking them in. #LeaveBabyWildlifeAlone

If you suspect an injured or abandoned animal in the Colorado Springs area, or you would like to report incidents of other illegal wildlife activity, please call the CPW Denver Headquarters at 303-297-1192 or any CPW office.

Callers can also remain anonymous by contacting Operation Game Thief at 877-265-6648

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