Compassion Over Killing & Farm Animal Rights Movement Fight To Protect Animals While Promoting Veganism

Washington D.C.-based Compassion Over Killing (COK) and Farm Animal Rights Movement (FARM) have joined forces to strengthen the crucial work of the animal rights movement.

As part of the newly formed cooperative agreement, FARM is transferring to COK several successful and innovative programs and campaigns including the Have We Been Lied To? Tour (previously known as the 10 Billion Lives Tour), Online ViewsVegan Support (including Meatout Mondays e-newsletter), the Meatout campaign and World Day for Farmed Animals among others.

“As part of overseeing these programs, COK will continue to expand and strengthen its work to advocate for farmed animals and promote vegan eating, through hard-hitting undercover investigations, innovative legal advocacy, empowering vegan outreach and support, corporate campaigns, and more,” Erica Meier, COK Executive Director noted in a statement.

FARM will continue to manage the Animal Rights National Conference, an inspiring annual event attended by hundreds of current and would-be activists as well as the Letters to Editor Program reaching millions with a pro-vegan message, and support for vegan advocacy in Israel, India, and China.

Donations can be made to Compassion Over Killing HERE and Farm Animal Rights Movement HERE!

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