Colorado State University Students Protest On-Campus “Meat Harvest Facility” AKA “Slaughterhouse”

Earning high praise and extra credit from WAN, like-minded students at Colorado State University have rallied in protest against the construction of JBS Global Food Innovation Center; believed by many to be an on-campus meat slaughterhouse.

According to an article in the Rocky Mountain Collegian, the animal rights group, Rams Organizing for Animal Rights (ROAR), students, and other concerned community members, gathered outside of the University’s Administration building on Wednesday to share their consternation.

“They keep trying to call it ‘harvest.’ It’s toning down what’s actually happening there,” said organizer, Abigail Bearce, a sophomore studying fish, wildlife and conservation biology. “Maybe they aren’t killing 2,000 animals here, but they’re still slaughtering, and a lot of people who walked by didn’t even know that this facility was going to be built”.

People with varying views wanted to voice their opinion as well.

Fellow seniors, and animal science majors, Elizabeth Esdaile and Kasydi Valentine, who were among those who believe the facility would benefit the animal science department, cited lack of information as one of the reasons they were opposed to the rally.

“People don’t have all the facts all the time,” Valentine said. “They’re stuck on one certain part of this (facility), but they don’t realize that we have some very useful techniques to make this more humane because we have certain people on campus to help with that”.

As toted on the University’s website, the new $20 million dollar facility, which began construction in March, “will advance best practices in food safety, meat sciences and animal handling and welfare”. REALLY?

Colorado State University

“The packing facility, or what they’re calling the slaughterhouse, is a very small percentage of the facility,” explained Esdaile who also noted that most major colleges that emphasize on agricultural science have similar facilities on campus. “We’re going to have a full-scale auditorium, we’re gonna have some research labs, so it’s not solely for that purpose”.

Becca Bleil who is a student at CSU said, if this slaughterhouse is built, I along with hundreds of students, have pledged to transfer to another school.  Many incoming students are changing their decision to attend Cruelty State U, too. There is no room for cruelty on CSU’s campus — in fact, no college campus anywhere should allow an industry that is so violent to animals, harmful to the environment, and dangerous to humans.

If you care about the students of CSU and want this harmful construction to stop, please sign this petition and encourage Colorado State University’s President, Tony Frank, to immediately cancel all plans for building a slaughterhouse of horrors on campus.


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