DHL Delivers Black Rhino Previously In Zoo To Natural Homeland In Africa


The world’s leading international express delivery provider, DHL, has delivered a black rhino to its natural homeland in Tanzania after a move from its previous home at a Czech Republic zoo.

Eliska, 3, was transported to a natural park in Tanzania as part of a conservation project supported by The George Adamson Wildlife Preservation Trust. The project aims to increase populations of endangered species and promote their prosperity within their natural habitat.

Ken Allen, CEO, DHL Express: “The delivery of Eliska to Tanzania continues a proud tradition at DHL Express of supporting international animal conservation efforts. We were very excited to have the opportunity to transport this beautiful animal home to Africa and to play our part in these critical efforts to help revive endangered Eastern black rhino populations. Complex projects like this, where failure is simply not an option, also allow us to showcase the power of the DHL global network and the expertise of our certified international specialists.”

Eliska, who weighs 900 killigrams, was moved by an international DHL team comprised of around 40 specialists. She was then loaded on to a unique 28-ton Boeing 757-200 freighter that is modified for animal transport, then flown more than 6,500 kilometers directly to Kilimanjaro Airport in Tanzania. From there, she was transported to her new home by truck and monitored by one of the leading black rhino vets, Dr. Pete Morkel.

Tony Fitzjohn OBE, Field Director, The George Adamson Wildlife Preservation Trust: “Having the support of an experienced team of international transport specialists allowed us to focus without any distraction on the comfort and well-being of Eliska and to ensure that she had the best possible introduction to her new life in Africa.”

Populations of eastern black rhinos are declining significantly due to poachers, and they are considered to be one of the most endangered mammal groups, as there are only about 800 left in the wild.

DHL has supported a number of major conservation projects in recent years, and has delivered various wild animals to sanctuaries and zoos for the purpose of conservation.


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