Disabled Veteran Brutally Beaten By Accused Animal Abusers, Gifted A Car

The heart wrenching story of a 45-year-old disabled veteran who tried to do good thing in an extremely bad situation, has resulted in some positive news for him and his family.

According to the Associated Press, Daytona based Navy veteran Garry Blough, was given a 2012 Kia Forte after news of his brutal beating by three assailants who were torturing a turtle, was brought to the attention of a local car dealership by former Marine Paula Mangeon.

Daytona Beach Kia-Mitsubishi owner Richard Nisbett led the unsuspecting family to their new car.

Shaking and crying, Blough called the vehicle a “godsend” explaining that his family, which includes his wife Jennifer and one-year-old daughter, did not have their own vehicle. In fact, it was reported that Blough could not immediately take possession of the car because he needed a driver’s license, which he gladly returned with.

Bloughs With New Car

Blough, who was seriously injured in an explosion during the first Gulf War and is unable to work due to experiencing daily seizures among other ailments, earlier shared the harrowing details of the event with Fox 35 News in Orlando.

“They had it over their head and they were smashing it,” said Blough who said that despite recently having kidney surgery and a body infused with metal rods and plates, he had to try to stop the abuse and save the turtle; who, sadly, later died.

Blough was called into action by his wife and baby who witnessed Ryan Ponder, 23, Johnnie Beveritt, 18 and a 16-year-old aggressively and repeatedly hitting the innocence turtle. Police records show the two adults and minor have been arrested and are facing felony animal cruelty and aggravated battery charges.

“I saw the turtle with the guys just slamming it forcefully on the concrete, and I was crying, my daughter saw it and she was crying,” said his wife as she explained why she encouraged her husband to confront the animal abuser .

When he did, according to the report, they allegedly swore at Blough and began beating him up; leaving him with a black eye, swollen head and possibly a broken hand among other injuries.

“You don’t hit a child. You don’t hit a woman and you don’t hit an animal in front of me,” concluded a beat up but kind-hearted Blough.

Source: Associated Press, WESH News
Photo Credit: Palm Beach Post, CBS News

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